Tuesday, July 28, 2015

5 Reasons why I love Eat.Sleep.Knit.

Eat.Sleep.Knit. has essentially become the only yarn shop I buy from. Any other purchases are usually made directly from indie dyers. I love Eat.Sleep.Knit. because:

1. They carry yarns I love. They have my beloved Madelinetosh and one of my first yarn loves--Malabrigo! They have many yarns I have yet to try.

2. Each order comes with a scratch-off lotto ticket! You can win prizes such as a project bag, a tulip sweater kit, or store credit! I have won $5 store credit many times.

3. They do really FUN things like their Yarnathon! This year, they have added a fun 'booster club' which requires you to do different challenges to earn different badges. Each badge you acquire earns you points and at certain levels, you get to cash your points in for store credit, shirts, mystery yarn goodie bags, and all sorts of other great stuff! You can use your previously purchased Eat.Sleep.Knit. yarn for most of the badges, so if you are stash-busting, you still get to play along!

4. They have a great online community! There are many people who are very active in their Ravelry group and there is TONS of inspiration there!

5. They are very creative and continuously come up with fun challenges and contests. They work hard to keep their customers engaged and having fun!